Pintura:World's First Cordless 2K Digital Photo Frame


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"The Pintura Digital Frame is a great choice if you're looking for a refreshing alternative to traditional photo frames. "


"This 2K digital multi screen is positioned on a magnetic whiteboard. You upload your photos to the cloud and they will display on your set up."

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"Pintura multimac frame system it's like having an art gallery in your living room except that the art is just your embarrassing family pictures."

Share Family Moments Instantly Anywhere

Panorama Display|Wireless Charging |Magnetic Setup



By 2023, Pintura underwent multiple hardware adjustments and three aesthetic renovations.
Our industrial design team received various accolades, including:

This includes a high-definition 2K resolution display that guarantees crystal-clear visual quality, thereby enhancing the impact of every image.
For individuals seeking convenience, the Multimag Frame System addresses common challenges by simplifying the showcasing and reliving of cherished moments.
 It presents a refined and efficient solution for contemporary living, minimizing tangled charging cables and cumbersome decor alterations.
This electronic frame system represents a significant advancement in photo showcasing, offering users enhanced versatility and creative potential.

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