Pintura Canvas: Magnetic Multi-Screen Digital Frames 

Pintura is a unique display system that blends design and function to complement your space with photos, art, menus, and more.  The digital photo frame has been reimagined. Display photos, doodle messages and reminders, stay connected and show off your life.

Less Wires, More Photos

Instead of one frame, try four. The pintura canvas is modular and customizable. One Canvas provides the power and magnetic connection for up to four frames.

Minimalist, functional, and adapts to any room in the house

Pintura is designed to fit perfectly into your lifestyle,The Canvas and frames are sleek, modern, and can showcase your family pictures, last year's vacation, baby photos on birthdays, wedding photos on your anniversary, or fine art from your favorite painter.

Static and Dynamic

Turn on your creativity by using dynamic GlF animations to bring scenes to life, The subtle motion of a tranquil landscape will transform your space.

Stay connected, no matter the distance

In a world where distance often separates us from our loved ones, Pintura bridges the gap. Imagine capturing a spontaneous moment of your day and instantly sharing it with your family and friends, no matter where you are. It's more than a picture on a screen-it's laughter shared, stories told, and love felt.

Nothing basic about it, Pintura goes beyond industry standards for app functionality

Pintura, Picture Your World

In addition to home use, Pintura + Canvas fits seemlessly into other areas of your life. Create a photo wall at the office to showcase employees, expos, and company wins. Connect multiple sets for a wedding or anniversary party. Create menus and daily specials at your café. 

With Pintura, the options are endless and we provide the means to accomplish what you have in mind. Our development team is dedicated to creating the system you need to use Pintura in any aspect of your life.