Acrylic Frame

Display your digital masterpieces with a single button, share family moments instantly anywhere.

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Color: Pink
Size: 10.1"

World's First Cordless 2K Digital Photo Frame

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"The Pintura Digital Frame is a great choice if you're looking for a refreshing alternative to traditional photo frames. "


"This 2K digital multi screen is positioned on a magnetic whiteboard. You upload your photos to the cloud and they will display on your set up."

Rage studios

"Pintura multimac frame system it's like having an art gallery in your living room except that the art is just your embarrassing family pictures."

Immerse yourself in captivating moments captured in vivid detail, all from the comfort of your home. Explore breathtaking landscapes, relive cherished memories, and stay connected to loved ones near and far. Let every glance be a journey as you uncover the beauty of the world, all with the swipe of a finger.

Radiant Clarity With Vivid Brightness

With stunning 2K ultra-high resolution, you'll feel like you're truly there, whether it's exploring a tranquil beach or wandering through bustling markets.

Supersized 15.6″ Screen

The three sizes are designed to cater to different preferences and spaces, ensuring that whether you need a compact display for your desk or a larger screen to bring your memories to life on your living room wall, we have the perfect option for you. Experience your cherished moments in stunning clarity and colors, tailored perfectly to your viewing needs

Dynamic Contrast: Reimagining Reality With Clarity

Our digital photo frame features a remarkable 1000:1 contrast ratio, ensuring that every image displayed is vivid and full of life. This high contrast brings out the subtle nuances in your photos, from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights, making every memory you showcase as lifelike as possible.

Effortlessly attach your Pintura canvas displays to the magnetic board using strong magnets, eliminating the need for traditional tools like hammers, nails, or hangers when hanging them on the wall. This magnetic cordless charging concept not only secures your displays but also reduces charging cable clutter during multi-screen displays, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your setup.

More Than Photos

The back panel not only serves as a power source but also as a canvas for note-taking or a creative drawing/sketching/illustrating/doodling space.

Panorama Windows

Displaying a panoramic scenery across multiple screens creates a captivating visual effect, immersing you as if you were right there.

Joint Panoramic Display

Experience the captivating effect of joint displays on Pintura digital photo frames by synchronizing and controlling multiple screens through the app. Achieve a seamless integration that enhances your space with a panoramic view.

Stay connected with loved ones no matter where you are in the world using our advanced technology. Our solution ensures seamless long-distance transmission with unlimited range, compatible with 5G, 4G, and WiFi internet. Share your travel adventures by synchronizing and transmitting pictures back home effortlessly while enjoying your time abroad.

With the exclusive Pintura app, you can fully unleash your creativity by editing pictures you've uploaded using the completely free 8GB cloud storage, accommodating approximately 30K+ pictures.

The concept of magnetic cordless charging effectivelyreduces cable clutterduring multi-screen displays. Elevate your space with minimalist style and a neater layout, eliminating tangled cables for a sleek and organized environment.

Turn Any Space into Your Gallery

Simply use a wireless charger to customize your display style as you wish. Set it up any way you want, turning any space into your personal gallery.

Change Your Frame to Suit Your Interior

Our product offers more than just wall hanging; it includes two frame options available for purchase, one made of wood and the other of aluminum, perfect for complementing your living space.

Where There's Pintura, There's World

Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, mesmerizing ocean views, and vibrant city streets from around the globe, all in your room.